Live streaming flexibility, the more, the better!

Live streaming flexibility is all about creating many different live looks and layouts. This format works incredibly well to better encapsulate your online audience.

No matter what is occurring live in the room, the experience for the viewer online will be different. The viewer has to be in the room while watching so covering the room with multiple camera shots is vital.

The more camera inputs the live streaming producer has, the better we can deliver the full scope of the event. By utilising all the extra inputs, it creates the opportunity to roll out multiple live streaming looks. With multiple inputs to select from, we are able to crop, move, stretch, flip and rotate inputs to deliver multiple inputs simultaneously or singular full screen shots.

A camera set alone for presenter close ups with its own camera operator is crucial. Cameras are also positioned at the rear of the auditorium and back of stage shooting towards the audience. A direct feed is taken of all the content such as video and PowerPoint presentations.

Live stream for the ADOBE Marketing Symposium

live streaming flexibility

Live stream created using two inputs and a background layer. Camera input is placed on top of the video frame with an extra wide screen format PowerPoint presentation under the camera shot. Placing a background image with logo and branding behind all the inputs improves the look and keeps the stream consistent with the stream page design and event invites.

Live stream for CocaCola Amatil

Live streaming viewer flexibility

Live stream of an internal finance update with the camera input placed over the edge of the PowerPoint presentation with a background layer. By having both inputs live, viewers can watch and hear the presenter and see all the content. Live questions from the audience via the Q&A portal on the right side.