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Act with urgency: Responding to Neglect

Research to Practice Seminar
Tuesday 9 May 2017, Sydney Masonic Centre
9:00-9:05 - Acknowlegdement of Country
Millie Ingram
9:05-9:15 - Opening Address

Kate Alexander
9:15-10:05 - Professor Leah Bromfield
Overview of the literature and conceptualisations of neglect
Deputy - Director Australian Centre for Child Protection, University of South Australia

10:05-10:15 - Practice Piece 1:
Pre Assessment Consultation (PAC)
FACS Caseworker and Manager Casework


10:45-11:25 - Video Link: Professor Jan Horwath
Understanding and making sense of a child and parent’s lived experience of neglect
University of Sheffield, UK

11:25-12:10 - Dr Debbie Scott
Practice challenges and tips
Turning Point Monash University

12:10-12:25 - Practice Piece 2:
Initial consultation with a parent
FACS Caseworker and Kate Raison


13:15-13:30 - Practice piece 3:
Talking with children about neglect
FACS Caseworker and Hannah
13:30-14:15 - Dr BJ Newton
Understanding and responding to neglect in Aboriginal families
Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW

14:15-15:00 - Trisha Ladogna
NSW Department of Education


15:30-16:15 - Professor Graham Vimpani
Medical Neglect
NSW Department of Health and University of Newcastle

16:15 - Wrap-up & close
Kate Alexander
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