Autism Spectrum Australia

“Keep the Change"

Stay around after the film for a Q&A with our special guests
Dr Tom Tutton, Emma Gallagher and Thomas Kuzma to talk about the film.

Livestream Completed
Keep The Change cover
Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film festival, the film makes romance in New York City feel fresh. By making the lead lovers autistic and by casting autistic actors a landmark motion picture is created. Thoroughly charming and quite funny, the film’s warmth and candour brings growth and transformation to the characters, and ultimately, to us.

Q&A – After the movie we will hold a live Q&A with Aspect staff members Thomas Kuzma and Emma Gallagher. The panellists will discuss the movie and how it represents autism. There will be an opportunity via a chat window to ask questions relating to the discussion. Thomas is an autistic speaker, presenter, mentor and advocate and Emma is an autistic researcher, early childhood specialist and part of Aspect’s autism friendly team. The Q&A will be facilitated by Dr Tom Tutton, Manager Aspect Practice.
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