Start making money by selling your live events, video courses, conference keynotes, how-to tutorials on pay-per-view or subscription basis. StreamGate helps you manage, monetize, protect, publish and deliver your premium video content, straight from your website, blog or social network, to your viewers worldwide, any-time, on any device

  • Seamless integration with PayPal
  • Enjoy full control over ticket pricing and payment terms
  • All payments are sent directly and immediately into your PayPal account or bank account of your choice
  • Accept payments within the video player
  • Get paid immediately
  • No commissions on your sales beside the usual PayPal fees
  • Payments can be made by debit and credit cards as well
  • Choose what and for how long your viewers purchase your videos
  • Set in different currencies
  • Give your viewers the ability to pre-purchase access to your live events
  • Generate discount and master codes
  • Allow content to be downloaded
Dance For A Difference - Enmore Theatre, 22 February 2018


Your Pay-Per-View videos are delivered in an encrypted form thanks to our 128Bit AES HLS encryption. This makes it impossible for your viewers to download your pay-per-view videos while watching them by using the widely available downloading tools that can be found on the net. Keeping your videos secure is crucial for any subscription business model business.

Taking online payments in a secure way is also crucial. We made it possible so you simply use the built-in secure payment forms that come directly from your payment gateway, leaving your hands clean without the need of warring about installation of SSL certificates and doing regular PCI compliance scans.

Dance Filthy - Factory Theatre Marrickville, 17 March 2018