» How Live Stream Recording Services Onsite Can Elevate Your Event to Impressive New Heights

The information age has inundated many people with what seems like a constant stream of recorded images, sounds and videos. It’s getting to the point where many people don’t feel a sense of urgency anymore, even around important or significant occasions. If you’re an advertiser, promoter or event planner, this phenomenon can pose serious challenges to your work. For example, people might see your video on social media, but it may just be a drop in the bucket of other messages they receive within the same 5-minute window. As a result, you’ll have to look at new and more exciting approaches. How can you create your content to seem kinetic and exciting?

Think about live theatre for a moment. The existence—and indeed, endurance—of theatre in our digital culture seems like something of an anomaly. In an age where everything can be recorded and stored, how can an art form that distinguishes itself by its temporary nature survive? Perhaps the fact that theatre is temporary is what gives it some of its appeal. Live performances have a sense of exclusivity around them. There’s a feeling that you had to be there if you wanted to catch something important. Maybe this is why people still buy concert tickets and go to see Broadway shows.

Why not create the same sense of excitement by making the content you share live as well? Professional live stream services can make your posts stand out and draw people in who would otherwise scroll past. Live stream recording lets your audience watch a once-in-a-lifetime event as it unfolds, without having to move from their home (or even their couch!). It also promotes audience interaction, because people feel as though their comments or other feedback have a real-time effect on the proceedings.

Who to Trust When You Want to Live Stream Your Event Onsite

If you’re looking for a company to live stream your event onsite, consider StreamGate. We’ve built our reputation on providing excellent streaming services for over seven years, and our clients rely on us to cover everything from writer’s meetings to awards ceremonies and celebrity interviews. Our versatility and top of the line equipment guarantee professional-looking results that will help your live stream look unique and make people want to tune into the action. Our approach also allows us to create various layouts and looks, cropping, stretching, rotating, and flipping inputs to enhance each online user’s experience.

Hire Experienced Professionals and Reap the Benefits

Bring a sense of dynamism to your next event and use StreamGate to help you share it with the world live. Our professionals will arrive on site with some of the industry’s best equipment and use their years of knowledge to ensure an immersive and engaging viewing experience. For more information on how StreamGate can help you present your event, contact us today and speak to a member of our team who can tell you more about our services. Creating the perfect live stream is easier with our help.