» Live Streaming in Adelaide: Cost-Savvy Business Solutions

Every business knows that personal interaction is the foundation of both corporate structure and client relationships. In today’s economy, the cost of travel can be an impediment to maintaining those relationships and fostering engagement. That’s where StreamGate comes in. We are a multi-platform video streaming service that creates an opportunity for engagement with clients, distance employees, and other audiences. Take advantage of new digital technology and popular social media platforms that let you not only reach but interact with people all over the world from the comfort of any location here in Australia. Whether you want to live stream an annual meeting or a training seminar, StreamGate will help you harness the power of two-way live streaming in Adelaide.

Without having to book a flight or rent a hotel room, you can have one-on-one interactions with people all over the globe. StreamGate applies a customised streaming package tailored to reflect your company’s branding – not just a title and a logo. This professional look is key to ensuring the authenticity of your event. We pride ourselves on designing the perfect setup for each occasion, using a variety of cameras, direct feed for video and PowerPoint presentations, and of course, the ability for your audience to both react to and interact with your speakers. There’s a level of engagement with live streaming in Adelaide that no simple conference call or one-way video stream can achieve. All without the need for travel.

StreamGate is your door to true engagement with your audience. Let us show you how powerful live streaming in Adelaide can be.