» Eco Friendly Live Streaming in Brisbane

Travelling long distances to conferences and meetings takes time, money, and uses valuable natural resources. Save time, money, and the environment by using a live streaming in Brisbane service from StreamGate.

Our streams are broadcast over the Internet, allowing you to connect with clients and colleagues all over the world without having to leave your city. Our service offers convenience to presenters and viewers.

Not everyone can attend a scheduled meeting, and if they miss it, they are out of luck. With our service, you can avoid such situations because we record the stream for you to post on your website, or share with others who you think need to see it. Recording your presentation gives your employees the flexibility to watch it on their own time if they cannot watch it during the broadcast.

Even if they were at the meeting, your colleagues could still benefit from re-watching the presentation. Our recording of your event allows you and others to immerse yourself in the experience long after it is over.

There is often a concern with connection and video quality when it comes to live streaming in Brisbane, and we know how to address and overcome these potential issues. We use dedicated servers to support our streams worldwide. You do not have to worry about excessive lag or frozen videos when we are on site.

Save time, money, and natural resources by choosing StreamGate for your next big meeting. Our live streaming in Brisbane is second to none. We have several options to suit your needs. Reach out to us today, and we’ll start planning your next stream session.