» Smart Businesses Use Live Streaming in Canberra

In today’s tough marketplace, every business needs to watch their bottom line. This doesn’t need to mean sacrificing much-needed corporate interaction. Live streaming for your Canberra business is an untapped resource that addresses critical needs: client and employee interaction on a global scale. Yes, we mean global. You no longer have to be restricted to two-dimensional conference calls. Our live streaming from Canberra can originate from across all of Australia and be seen worldwide. We’re StreamGate, and we help you go live. We come to you with our mobile team to help you connect effectively with your audience.

At StreamGate, we open the door to genuine corporate engagement. We create bespoke streaming packages specifically tailored to your company to ensure the look of your feed stays true to branding and isn’t just a name and a logo. The key to our streaming packages is in the audience engagement: we use various social platforms as well as SMS to make video streaming a two-way street with real-time audience interactions. Nothing hooks people in to your event faster than showing their Twitter responses, or Facebook replies right on the screen or having their questions answered as they ask them. All of this can be moderated, so you stay on message, and can even help direct the flow of the event.

StreamGate will show you just how much more you can gain by using live streaming. You know video is powerful – now you can harness it fully with StreamGate live streaming from Canberra.