» Why Businesses Love Live Streaming from Hobart

Live streaming isn’t just the latest fad, or way to show that your business is “current”. It’s also an incredibly efficient way to engage with your audience. From internal training to event streaming, there are many uses of live streaming for your Hobart business. There’s no more cost-effective way to give presentations with audience interactions, showcase live events such as premieres and other occasions, or run educational seminars for people all over the world. StreamGate, Australia’s leader in live streaming from Hobart, can help you do it all. Our experienced tech team will guide you through the process of designing a successful live stream, from how many cameras and where they should be, to moderating replies and questions. We’ll even make sure that your dedicated streaming page has the look and feel of your own corporate branding.

The benefits of live streaming are now available to companies of all sizes, from small to large. We come to you – all over Australia – with all the equipment required to broadcast your event live on multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. All video feeds are archived for your reference and use later. Imagine the engagement you’ll achieve when your audience can ask real-time questions, answer polls, and express their opinions. You can even choose to have a moderator make those replies visible as you stream, including likes and Facebook reactions.

Make live streaming from Hobart part of your business strategy. Call StreamGate today to open the door to better engagement today.