» Live streaming internal communications financially and organisationally smart

Australia is a big country – an entire continent. And if your company has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, or any other Australian city, you know how difficult it is to get everybody together in one place when you have an important message you want them to hear. That’s why it’s time to look at using a live stream for internal communications. And StreamGate is the right choice to help you and your company reach your employees or investors in a financially efficient and practical manner.

StreamGate is the perfect choice for internal communications live streaming. Internal communications take many forms. You may have a need to present quarterly staff updates. You want all your employees and shareholders to have access to your annual general meetings. Every company will have continuing professional development (CPD) sessions, and you may want to have them password-protected. Perhaps you want to get all your investors together. And don’t forget awards.

The benefits of internal communications live stream

When first presented with the idea of live streaming internal communications many company’s executives may ask “What’s this going to cost us?” A better question might be “What’s this going to save us?” Using live streaming for internal communications offers many potential savings for your company, for your employees and your investors.

It’s a green solution for delivering a meeting and/or event. Live streaming requires no travel or accommodation and so can be produced at a fraction of the cost of trying to bring everybody together in one place. That’s money saved right there for everybody involved. It’s a particularly attractive option if you want to reach out to your investors and are mindful of their potential travel and time costs.

It’s also extremely convenient. StreamGate can help your company live stream internal communications on a variety of platforms. You could use a social media platform such as YouTube or Facebook. You could webcast your quarterly meetings or annual general meetings. You could select a platform such as a video conferencing for CPDs that give you more control over who can attend.

Our live streaming service also provides a variety of ways for your audience to ask live questions if such a service is needed. Your investors, in particular, may have questions, and StreamGate can give them ways to ask them.

Extending your company’s reach

Internal communications live stream is a financially and an organisationally wise idea. StreamGate can help make that idea a reality.

Headquartered in Sydney, we are happy to provide service in all Australian states. We will come to where you are so even if you think you’re too remote to try live streaming we are happy to help meet your needs. We are a customizable service so we can make sure that when you live stream internal communications that broadcast will be consistent with your company’s branding and mission.

We love what we do, and we feel confident that once you use StreamGate for live streaming internal communications, you’re not going to want to use any other company.