» Live Streaming from Perth: What Your Business Needs to Know

Even firms that aren’t very tech-savvy can utilise the power of live streaming from Perth. With the help of a dedicated streaming page, social media platforms, and SMS messaging, StreamGate will take your business to the next level of engagement. Step into the future with two-way live video streaming. We’ll fully customise your streaming page to ensure it sticks to your branding. You will love the level of engagement you get from your audience as they respond with replies, emojis, or questions that you can answer in real time. Whether your target audience is made up of employees, clients, or anyone else, in Australia or worldwide, they will appreciate the interaction that’s possible with live streaming from Perth.

StreamGate will set up a direct feed for any video or PowerPoint presentations and use your choice of platforms – dedicated streaming page, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Our live streaming from Perth is available on any device – phone, tablet, or computer, so there are no restrictions to your message getting out. You can choose to do a live Q & A, or add in a poll. These options are fluid and can be added as needed during a live stream event. This flexibility goes above and beyond simple one-way videos. To truly engage people, they need to interact and feel that they are being heard. StreamGate makes that happen. We can scroll replies and questions on the screen, or use SMS to have people send questions directly to a moderator. Call StreamGate today to get started.