» The Benefits of Utilising a YouTube Live Streaming Service

Thanks to the world of business becoming increasingly competitive due to globalisation and a growing population, marketing is arguably more crucial than ever regarding keeping your company afloat and profitable. Fortunately, thanks to the rise of the internet, marketing is more accessible to a vast number of businesses than ever before, and if you know how to use social media like a pro, you can advertise your company for free in many situations. Perhaps what the internet has taught us most about marketing is the fact that people want to be included in the conversation, and you can let clients from overseas and the general public be involved in the dialogue thanks to innovations such as YouTube live streaming.

While YouTube requires no explanation, live streaming on the platform deserves more detail. Of course, you can watch thousands of videos on YouTube as and when you please, but you can also hold live conferences, debates, and question and answer sessions relatively simple. Of course, you need to be aware of the rules concerning live streaming to YouTube, and you should also ensure your stream will make the desired impact – which is where we are useful.

At StreamGate, we help companies from all industries set up live streams on YouTube so that they can reach a global audience and receive feedback in real time. We don’t just make standard videos that any amateur could shoot – we create visually pleasing, high-quality streams by utilising our wealth of experience in the audio-visual industry. We’re a premier service that helps you craft an online conference that’s guaranteed to make an impact, and a YouTube live stream is beneficial in more ways than one.

The Advantages of a YouTube Live Streaming Service

Provided you choose a reliable and experienced company to assist in streaming your live conference, you can expect the following benefits from a live YouTube stream:

  • Encourage collaboration – People can add comments and react to things you say instantly by just typing a message into the comment box featured on YouTube. It’s the perfect way to host a global Q&A session or respond to queries posted by members of the public.
  • A recording of the conference will remain online – If your live session goes well, you can choose to keep the recording uploaded to YouTube for viewers who missed the event to hear what you and other contributors had to say. Plus, the more people watch your video, the more you can solidify your brand.
  • Show people your professionalism – By talking to anybody who’s watching in real time, you show people that you believe in what you’re doing, and in this world, confidence goes a long way. Show people that you’re a problem solver and are willing to listen and respond to criticism with help from a YouTube live stream service.

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