LIVE STREAMING events enables you to spread your key messages around the globe to your website, purpose built stream page, YouTube channel or Facebook page on any device.
Engage with your audience by integrating social media feeds such as Twitter, live Q&A, polling and SMS text messages.
Post event viewer reports provide an insightful look into how your viewers interact with your stream. It measure details such as viewer numbers, average view time, total data streamed, geographical location, browser types, platforms and devices used.

Live stream of the Arnotts Internal Town Hall

Arnotts Internal Town Hall

Live stream of the Owners Advisory Seminar for Macquarie Bank

Owners Advisory Seminar for Macquarie Bank

Festival of Contagious Ideas Conference 2016 live stream

Festival of Contagious Ideas 3 day conference

Live Streaming to Custom Designed Stream Pages and Social Media Channels

    • Cross platform, browser and device compatible
    • Stream can be embedded into your website
    • Responsive stream page creation with logos, event titles, speaker names, agenda, file attachments and social media links
    • Live stream to YouTube channels and Facebook pages
    • Moderated Twitter feeds placed on the lower third of the video stream
    • Moderated audience Q&A
    • Audience polling
    • Pay Per View
    • Global viewing audience support
    • Password protected stream page
    • Watermark logo over live stream
    • Multi bit-rate streaming (low, medium, high)
    • Streaming encoder / vision mixer (4 camera and 2 laptop inputs)
    • Pre-event testing
    • Live and/or on-demand service
    • Backup record of event
    • StreamGate analytics post event viewer report
    • Portable streaming equipment


Streaming Multiple Inputs

Our streaming encoders take multiple camera and computer inputs so during an event we can mix from full screen shots to multiple shots. In presentation mode, the camera picture is tucked into a corner while most of the viewing area is dominated by the presentation over a background image.

Simultaneous Video Conferencing and Live Streaming

Connect two or more remote sites that can see, hear and exchange presentations among themselves via a video conference. Once those sites have connected, we can live stream that multiple site meeting to a stream page, YouTube or Facebook channel. The video conference session will be seen as a regular computer input into the webcast encoder so other inputs can also be included into the live stream.