Live Online Audience

Audience interaction and live streaming gives your audience the opportunity to communicate with your presenters and it’s imperative to have!
Streaming one way is just like TV. Sure, you can watch it on mobile devices which is more accessible than a TV broadcast but basically, it is still a viewer watching and listening to content. Once you introduce a portal for your audience to engage with the presenters, then you have their full engagement.

Twitter Feed for Peter Garrett's Booklaunch to YouTube for Allen & Unwin

Twitter Feed during Peter Garrett’s Book launch

Live Audience Q&A for Gilead

Live Audience Q&A for Gilead

SMS Text Questions for Sydney Writers' Festival 2015

SMS Text Questions for Sydney Writers’ Festival


Twitter feeds can be easily added to live streaming and shown on the lower thirds of the screen like you see on a morning news TV cast. The live streaming software can log on to the Twitter handle of that event and moderate which appropriate Tweets can be selected to display.

Live Chat, Q&A and Polling

Live chat and Q&A portals can provide the audience a more flexible method to send in their comments by not being limited to a certain number of characters as Twitter is. Comments and questions are received on an iPad administrating the portal and content can be edited, replied to privately, blocked and posted by the moderator. Poll questions can be created on the fly as well to put forward to the audience during the presentation and the questions appear in the chat box.


The easiest of all audience engagement portals as we usually assign a client’s phone to receive the questions and place a transparent SMS number on the bottom part of the stream.