» What do you need to know about professionally live streaming your event?

In this time of reduced budgets and busy schedules, it is not always possible for all your customers or your employees to make it to your conference or planned event. Yet it’s important for them to hear the information you want to share. Perhaps you’re in charge of an important local town hall meeting and your meeting room not be able to hold all the people who will want to attend.

There is an answer, a very modern answer. You need professional live streaming services and the company you want to contact to live stream your event professionally is StreamGate.
Sound like a hassle you don’t need? Nothing could be farther from the truth. We will help you manage every aspect of professional live streaming on-site.

StreamGate professional live streaming services at the answer to your problem

What about questions? Everybody wants to ask a question about what you’re saying or about what they are seeing and they might grumble that it’s hard for them to do that if they’re only watching your event on a live stream. Well, they don’t have to worry. When StreamGate is professionally live streaming your event, it engages live questions in real time from your online audience to your presenters. You can let your audience use Twitter, a live Q&A, chat, polling, or SMS texting to ask their questions or make their comments. They should feel comfortable firing any question at your presenters.

StreamGate will work with you from the beginning of your event planning process. We are not an “out-of-the-box” operation. Too many streaming companies present you with a template and tell you to fit your logo and information into their design. The result is often a clunky odd-looking host page that does not encourage participation from your audience. Not at StreamGate. We create every page from scratch. We want you to be happy with any presentation you make or event you host. We want to create a page that suits your look and feel, that your customer, employees, or fellow citizens will recognise as your brand as soon as they see it online.

You pick the platform

StreamGate’s professional live streaming services will work with your choice of platform. We can provide live streaming services to YouTube and Facebook; we can help you do a webcast or video conferencing. It’s up to you. And here’s a bonus: we also provide professional live streaming recording. All our streams are recorded to an archive, and you will have access to them the moment your event is over. If an employee or customer can’t attend the live event or watch the live stream, they will still be able to watch your event later.

StreamGate can provide professional live streaming services all over Australia. We offer flexibility, accessibility, and a cheaper alternative. And there’s one more thing we want you to know about us. We love what we do, and we believe that once you work with us, you’ll never want to use any other company.