» Is it time to try webcasting services?

You face a conundrum. You want to reach a broad audience over a large area. It would be a real headache to attempt to get everyone in one place at one time. Way too expensive, too labour intensive to do all that planning and just because someone tells you that they will show up to your event doesn’t always guarantee their attendance.

Have you thought about webcasting your event? If the idea interests you, or if you’ve tried it in the past but haven’t been happy with the experience you want to call StreamGate. StreamGate will help you plan the best way to webcast your event to the audience you want to reach and improve your experience with webcasting on site.

We’re a media streaming business located in Sydney. We specialise in delivering live and on-demand video content across all platforms and mobile devices with a strong background in audio visual systems. We also manage and host significant amounts of video content and create specifically client branded channels.

Professional webcasting is your best option

Webcasting in Australia is becoming an increasingly popular option. It’s an easy idea to explain. It’s broadcasting video live over the Internet. You can broadcast with an audience in attendance like at a town hall, or you can do it by yourself in a studio, a classroom, or a meeting room. You can also record your live event, and allow your audience to either view it again or even watch it for the first time if they couldn’t catch the live broadcast.

Webcasting can be used for a wide variety of options. You can webcast your event, conference, internal business communications gathering, annual general meeting, or town hall meeting. You can webcast your son’s high school play or your daughter’s dance recital. Interested in expanding your audience for your lecture comparing the films of Peter Weir and George Miller? You can use webcasting services for educational needs. Basically, you can use webcasting for almost anything.

Getting it right

Webcasting in Australia is a great option because so many people already have the software on their computers, tablets and mobile phones that will allow them to view your live webcast. Webcasting is one of the best ways to reach a much larger audience without spending lots of money. If you haven’t tried it before, now is the time.

Not every company, however, can deliver the webcasting experience that you desire. We love what we do at StreamGate, and it’s important to us that your experience with webcasting be a positive one. Our professional webcasting services offer flexibility, accessibility, a ‘green solution’ (no travel needed), and a cheaper alternative to the hosting of a large group of people at an event. We will help you design a custom look for your webcast, unlike many companies which just give you a template to use.

StreamGate will work with your business to determine the best way to get your event on the Internet. We’re also a mobile service. We will come to you in any Australian state. We’re confident that once you try our service, you won’t want to use any other.