» Presenting your event on a social media live stream

Everybody uses social media these days. Young people, parents, even seniors love the convenience of social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or SMS to communicate with other employees, friends, or family members. It’s an audience just waiting for you to live stream your event. And StreamGate is the company for you if you’re thinking about using social media for live streaming your event.

It’s a pretty smart way to save money as well. These popular social media channels have removed the cost of live streaming to paid server services and allow the free streaming of your live content. Bonanza!

There is the question of how you take advantage of this. That’s where StreamGate enters the picture. We can help you prepare to live stream to social media. We know the ins and outs, technical idiosyncrasies, and quirks of using these platforms.

Live streaming social media increasingly popular

One reason that so many people want to live stream social media is that it reaches such a broad audience. Your audience can be home on their couch, sitting on a train, at their desks in the office, having a beer in the pub, coffee in the local café or even exercising at a gym and they can watch your event or presentation on their mobile or tablet.

StreamGate can provide social media live streaming for any event, conference, internal business meeting, annual general meeting, town hall, public meeting, or local gathering to the social media platform of your choice. Some of the benefits of the Facebook and YouTube platforms are: both services are free; a recorded version of stream remains on your page or channel after the live event. Your audience can use any mobile phone to watch; they can also use social emoji such as Likes etc. on Facebook, or they can make live comments on either platform to register their feelings or thoughts about your event.

Picking the right company to work with is important

There are so many good reasons to work with StreamGate. Number one is we really love what we do and ensuring that you have a flawless experience is very important to us. We offer a green solution to delivering a meeting or any event since there is no travel or accommodation required. We will work with you from the beginning, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve never had any experience doing a social media live stream. Our services are accessible on any device that your audience chooses to participate in your event be it a computer, a mobile phone or tablet.

More companies, organisations and government agencies are using social media live streaming. It makes sense both financially and practically. Once you use StreamGate to provide social media live streaming for your event, you will not want to use another company. We cover all of Australia so don’t be afraid to contact us no matter where you are. We like to travel and offer a mobile service. We will come to where you are.