Live Streaming, Webinars & Hybrid Events

Events in recent years and rapid technological developments in the same period has seen a massive rise in the popularity and usage of live streaming, webinars and hybrid events, allowing individuals or organisations to reach out to large audiences with a minimum amount of fuss or expense.

Today, there are many varied different applications for live streaming – conferences, meetings, product launches, symposiums, seminars, hybrid events and CPD point events being amongst the most popular – but with progress comes a level of expectation that the technical side of the project will be handled professionally without delays, hiccups or anything else that will detract from the desired level of communications.

StreamGate is just a short stroll from the Sydney CBD and our organisation is well managed by a team of technical wizards that can help make your webinar a success. The studio itself is well equipped, as you would expect by high-speed, stable internet connection and boasts a full array of HD cameras, lights, microphones, autocue and other equipment, a 180 ° green screen and/or black drapes – and also has a well-appointed green room for your use.

But of course the difference is made by the team, all experts in their own fields, and whether you want to launch a pay per view project, a live question and answer session, multi language interactions or require information on your audience levels, this team can provide it all and more with no difficulty at all.

StreamGate provide their exceptional live streaming Australia wide and also extend their service to New Zealand and Singapore.