* 2 streaming destinations (web page & social media)
* Direct presentation capture
* HD Multi bitrate delivery
* Live viewer stats during stream
* 2 HD cameras, lapel microphones
* 6 input vision encoder
* Live moderated Q&A (audience content managed via iPad)
* Password protection
* Viewer registration form
* Live record active for viewers who miss start
* Unlimited worldwide viewers
* Bonded internet connection
* Post event viewer stats report
* Stream recordings ready as soon as event completes
* Compatible on any device, browser, operating system

monetise your live events

Live Stream Pay per view

We create the payment portal and have viewers pay to watch
the live stream and on-demand content

- Seamless integration with Stripe
- Enjoy full control over ticket pricing and payment terms
- All payments are sent directly into your Stripe or bank account
- No commissions on your sales beside the usual Stripe fees
– Payments can be made by debit and credit cards as well
– Choose what and for how long your viewers purchase your videos
– Give your viewers the ability to pre-purchase access to your live events
– Generate discount and master codes
– Allow content to be downloaded

Streamgate blog

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Live Streaming Troubleshooting

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