* 2 streaming destinations (web page & social media)
* Direct presentation capture
* HD Multi bitrate delivery
* Live viewer stats during stream
* 2 HD cameras, lapel microphones
* 6 input vision encoder
* Live moderated Q&A (audience content managed via iPad)
* Password protection
* Viewer registration form
* Live record active for viewers who miss start
* Unlimited worldwide viewers
* Bonded internet connection
* Post event viewer stats report
* Stream recordings ready as soon as event completes
* Compatible on any device, browser, operating system

monetise your live events

Live Stream Pay per view

– Seamless integration with Stripe
– Enjoy full control over ticket pricing and payment terms
– All payments are sent directly into your Stripe or bank account
– Get paid immediately
– No commissions on your sales beside the usual Stripe fees

– Payments can be made by debit and credit cards as well
– Choose what and for how long your viewers purchase your videos
– Give your viewers the ability to pre-purchase access to your live events
– Generate discount and master codes
– Allow content to be downloaded

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