Multi Language Streaming

Supporting 171 different languages within the media player title library for user display options. We have enough hardware to facilitate 10 simultaneous languages with live camera, audio, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

Part of this wonderful industry that is live streaming is the challenging requests to supply different solutions and recently, StreamGate was presented with a unique challenge to go beyond the norm and devise a plan to broadcast a Multi Language Streaming solution.

One of our wonderful clients recently asked us to find a solution for live streaming in 3 languages so we were only too happy to give it a shot and after two weeks of testing with multiple CDN’s and numerous platforms, we have found the perfect solution.

Our testing was engaged by various computers and devices such as Mac’s, Surface’s, iPhones, iPads, Androids and whatever else I missed out on listing and we were very impressed by the ease of use for the end viewer regardless of device and OS.

The media player has 171 different languages in its title library which scrolls easily within the scroll box to locate the user’s preferred language.

This method utilises the different audio sources from the various translators from each language and we combine the sources together to be played back within the single media player.

Multi Language Stream Multilingual